Tuesday, November 27, 2007


(It's our wedding anniversary today -- 3 years -- and we just went out to dinner at a very nice but noisy restaurant and stuffed ourselves.

It's also the cats' birthdays -- 3 years, which means they're 21 today (or are they 12? I always get animal years mixed up) -- and I gave them a lovely dinner of fresh flathead chopped into chunks. Gourmet indeed, and they enjoyed it very much.

We got breakfast in bed this morning, after I quickly showed Bumblebee how to make tea and pancakes last night. We made a batch of pancake batter together, and this morning he cooked us pancakes with chopped banana, maple syrup and yogurt, with a fresh pot of tea. I was so proud of him. He was so proud of him!

I guess CELEBRATION = FOOD in this household.)


Boysenberry said...

Happy anniversary, and hopefully many more.

Poppy Letterpress said...

Happy anniversary!

Celebrations aren't complete without good food. You should celebrate more! Anniversaries... good ideas... happy moments... successfully getting out of bed... You see where I'm going :)

Mindy said...

Happy Anniversary for yesterday. So many things to celebrate!