Thursday, November 22, 2007

Drawmo 21: The Black Bean Blower

Can I just say that, as challenging as my daily problem-solving regime is at the moment, there is NOTHING so challenging as a child saying 'I'm doing a play in Drama and I need a costume', and that the costume -- complete with props -- is needed the next day. This is, of course, said at bedtime. Again.

Yesterday I leapt out of bed to create a costume for the role of a superhero called The Black Bean Blower, who was the Star of the Show. Luckily we have various elements of superhero attire, and a black texta.


This is the black bean, drawn on a white Bonds singlet. Combined with the mask, some black footless tights, a pair of bright green soft boxer-shorts made from t-shirt material over the top of the tights, and a cunning green lizardy cape (lent to us by Zoe years ago, thanks so much!), he looked pretty cool in a kooky oddball sort of way, which was just what we needed.

The only thing we didn't have was a jar of black jellybeans, which was the essential prop needed. We rode our bikes to Woollies on the way to school, but they didn't have any. I suggested just buying a packet of multi-coloured ones, from which he could pluck the black ones out, but he looked a bit sad at that, so I promised to ride into Civic after dropping him at school and get some from Darrell Lea, then drop them into school at 3.00 before Drama started.

Puff, pant! I rode around, got the beans, and spent the rest of the day in a warm glow of Good Motherness. I haven't put in a big effort this year, school-wise, and a good burst of costume-making always seems to catch me up, like a big burst of brownie points.

So. I get to the school at 3, backpack bursting with black jellybeans, only to discover that the play had been performed at lunchtime for the whole school and was not going to be performed again. And that they'd used a packet of multi-coloured jellybeans provided by the teacher and he'd picked out the black ones for the blowing. And no-one had thought to ring me to see if I was on my way with the beans.

My face looked so downcast that the drama teacher instantly scheduled a special Parents-Who-Couldn't-Make-It-During-The-Day performance next week in drama class. A mother standing next to me while I took in the information gently leaned over to me and said 'It was really good, if that's any consolation.'

Thank you, but NO, IT BLOODY ISN'T!

I haven't been so disappointed for years. I was crushed and cranky at Bumblebee for forgetting about me and my quest.

I'm over it now, and looking forward to seeing it next week. Hopefully in a Brave New World with Kerry Tucker as Prom Queen of the Senate.


ThirdCat said...

THAT'S TERRIBLE (sorry for shouting, but really...)

genevieve said...

I WANT TO SHOUT TOO. F...kin' bad form.

wallagoot girl said...

Spare a thought for wallagoot girl who has been asked to 'do the costumes' for the class nativity play which includes 3 oxen, 4 sheep, 2 donkeys, 3 wolf cubs (?), 2 angels, 3 wise men/people, 4 innkeepers, various shepherds.. you get the picture- a class of 27 kids each with a role! gRRR! I only wish I had something as fun to come up with like Bumblebees's Black Bean Blower rather than assorted dull domestic animals and people of drab middle eastern appearance! Wish me luck as I trawl through the Bega op shops on my relentless search for fur fabrics and robes. XXX

Ampersand Duck said...

WG, that is when you go completely avant garde and put everyone in black leotards with facepaint. No backdrops, no props. Freak the entire community out!