Sunday, November 11, 2007

Drawmo 11: ...but not in a hotel in Amsterdam, unfortunately.

The press isn't irreparable, but the repairs will set back my schedule a tad. Thankfully there are other things I can do, like prepare bookcloth and sort out ink colours etc.

I'm having a Kwality day with Bumblebee today. The plan was to see a movie then go to the Walk against Climate Change, and then go to Koko Black for afternoon tea (I needed the chocolate more than him, I confess).

I took him to Across the Universe, which was fab, and he really enjoyed it, but then he had a minor freak-out at the sight of the huge crowd at the protest walk. We ended up trailing behind it for a bit, then going straight to Koko Black, where he finally confessed that after the movie scenes where protesters get abused, he thought it might happen to us. Fair enough. It was good to discuss the issue (and many others the film provoked) over a platter of yum.

Anyhoo, here's a shell. Something non-emotional, just a shell, in Fineliner pen on paper. From about five years ago. Enjoy.



Poppy Letterpress said...

Hrm, I had every intention of doing Drawmo, but finding out I lost my job on Nov 1 was a bad start, so I never really got started...

Unemployment does mean that I may come visit you again though!

Good to see you're updating for Drawmo daily... well mostly daily :)

genevieve said...

Poppy, that is horrid news. Hope it works out for you very soon.

'Just a shell', HEY?? I'm putting it in my screensaver slide show post-post-haste.