Friday, November 02, 2007

Drawmo 2

Another long day, but in the middle of it I was trying to work on the computer and Mr Pooter jumped on my lap for a snuggle. His arm stretched out, towards the keybort. I grabbed the nearest bit of paper and started doodling, and he of course moved his arm. So I moved the pencil. And then the phone rang and the day went on and here I am, at 11.03pm with just this doodle.


Other friends observing Drawmo so far (that I know of, let me know if I've missed you): Ellis Hutch

And someone not observing Drawmo, but who draws every day: Mandy Ord


elsewhere said...

Hmm, ever since you've brought up this Drawmo thing, I've been meaning to do it, but it's not happening...yet, unless drawing in spirit counts. I'd probably just draw a whole lot of cat pictyurs anyway...

Ampersand Duck said...

DO IT! The world needs more cat pictyurs! better late than never!