Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Drawmo 26

Sitting outside the mostly-unused ex-primary school where Bumblebee does circus school, I noticed that one of the boarded-up windows had been graffiti'd with a tag that takes us around in a ever-decreasing spiral of irony.

I decided to copy it, but wasn't happy with my first attempt, so did it again and again, and then tried to perfect the little bits I wasn't happy with... is that why there are so many tags around? It's perfectionism!


This is a copy of graffiti that is a copy of graffiti... (it would have looked better if I'd had a marker or at least grainier pencil)

...and here is the copy I copied from


And here is the original.


(Mr Pooter told Jonah that Padge was a stupid fat pussy, so he helped him out a bit.)


1 comment:

Mummy/Crit said...

I heard something on the wireless (as my grandma used to call it) about schools being inundated with that particular tag on Thursdays...

I like Padge's one.