Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Drawmo 13

I make my own diaries these days, because I can't find a commercial diary with enough doodle space. In my version, every week has at least a double blank page for lists, ideas and mindless doodles. Is there any other kind of doodle?

This was done tonight at a Bookbinders' Guild Committee meeting. I'm their newsletter and web mistress. I don't take notes about anything else, and I listen better with a moving pencil in my hand. You should see my lecture/high school notes :)


[And yes, Ellis Hutch, I did wave at you today from my huge silver sigh of a car. Hai!)


Natalie said...

I listen better with a moving pencil in my hand

Me too! Often in meetings people will think I'm not paying attention, or being rude and ignorant - however after explaining this to them they understand!

Jonesie said...

i am enjoying your drawings ducky!