Thursday, November 22, 2007

Looking for a little Lost Dog

I know, I know, I'm being slack with Drawmo, but there's a reason. Well, it's not a brilliant reason, no more than usual, but never mind.

This is more important (to me), and I'm going to take a leaf out of Laura's book and appeal to teh interwebs for help...

Apparently Allen & Unwin have released a little 'teaser' sample booklet of the first chapter of The Lost Dog, Michelle de Kretser's excellent new novel. As you may or may not know, I designed that particular tome, and while I have a copy of the book, having the little one would be great for my portfolio.

I emailed A&U as soon as I knew to see if I could get a copy or two of the teasers, but they're all gone, off to coffee shops and maybe bookshops.

Could I beg you lovely literate people to send me a copy if you find one? Address is here. I'd be very grateful and send you something in return. I don't mind if I only get one or end up with 5. I'd still be uber-grateful!


Mindy said...

It was Ms Pavlov's book of the week in the SMH last weekend.

genevieve said...

Will have eyes peeled when I go to the big smoke on MOnday.

din said...

I found a couple this morning - I'll pop them in the mail Monday

Ampersand Duck said...

O hooray! Thanks! That should do it, peoples!

There's also a poster, if you're looking, Genevieve!