Monday, November 05, 2007

Post-script and Drawmo 5

It's slightly shameful how happy I can be when I discover a small stash of brand new Ls in amongst the M part of the typecase. Lower case Ls are what I run out of first in this particular font (Bodoni). I think their poor stalks and serifs are too easily worn and damaged. Finding a small stash (we're talking 4, 5 max) made me do a little dance on the spot. Such a geek, me.

Anyhoo, this is a quick post to promote a couple of great booky courses coming up! They need participants!

1. Sturt Summer School, Mittagong, NSW. First week of January. Lots of fun things to do, hear and see, and one of them is me. If they don't get another few participants, my course won't run, which would be a mixed blessing.

2. The Monash Rare Book Summer School, Melbourne, VIC. This looks like more fun than you can poke a stick at, but I'll be working with an artist that week, printing something fun hopefully. So you'll have to go instead.

OK, I didn't get around to drawing today. I did set four of the last five pages of type that I have to print for the first book. And assessed two students. And ate pizza. And worked on turning someone's PhD into a book. So this is the first of my drawings from the archive. And since I was entranced by the LOLcat Bible this morning, I found it funny that I opened one of my old sketchbooks at this page, from about 11 years ago:

lust obgect

OK, it's a cartoon, and an unfinished one at that (although I have reformatted it to run vertically). So sue me. I was hoping to publish a more polished version in Fruity Murmurs, a groovy art-school run comic of the time, but then it got a bit too close to the bone,* and I abandoned it.

*Friends of the time have probably worked out the context of this, and are allowed to vomit.


elsewhere said...

So wot happened?

There's a distinct rap as opposed to lolcat feel in those verses, tho I can sort of see the connection.

sion said...

that's just great. And I'm rapt in the last panel's profile; beautiful line.

Thanks for pointing out drawmo btw - I signed up & am enjoying the commitment despite myself.

Ampersand Duck said...

Ahem. wot happened was Bumblebee.

As with any impulse buy, the packaging is better than the contents.

And I think -- I know -- I used the accent to highlight the fact that it was a situation I felt embarrassed about. Always trust your inner voice, peoples.

welcome to the drawing month, Sion.

Davo said...

Hello AD, haven't really had time to read yer blug much of late, but you popped up on Copperwitch, so thought that I'd come across and have a look (again).

Drawing, huh. Been a looong time since have put real pen/pencil/paintbrush to real paper, could really only pull "past" stuff at the moment. Will however insert this link (not a scam/spam or advertisement -self just finds the concept interesting)


Dunno whether there is still a freebie download, definitely doesn't replace real pens/brushes/paint (no smell/tactile ..heh), but an interesting exercise in 'mouse' control.

Back to 'real'. Did a 'zen' cat, once, for a friend back in Qld.

She owned a very sleek black feline, so decided to "paint" it. Stared at the blank, white board for quite a while then, with brush held vertical in Chinese calligraphy style, did one swift sweep of half the outline, two green dots for eyes and .. there it was. Portrait of her cat. Didn't keep a copy, unfortunately, but understand that it is still on her wall.

Erk, sorry fer rabbiting on .. must be one of those nights .. heh.

Cheers and best wishes.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

oooh Duck, your course in Mittagong sounds fabbo! but the price, which I am sure is reasonable, is out of my reach at present :(