Sunday, November 04, 2007

Drawmo 3

I know, this is day 4, but this is the drawing for day 3. For the record, I mounted it on Flikr yesterday (from work), but by the time I got home from printing and the movies (Control! gasp!) there was a raging thunderstorm and our street flooded to knee-deep and we stood on the front verandah gaping at the idiots trying to drive through it (one succeeded, and flooded their engine), and the computer didn't get turned on all night.


So here it is. It's a quiet piece, a bit conceptual, and probably a bit hard to see. I laid a piece of paper on the bench next to my typecase, and as I was dissing the type, I'd drop the quad spaces and the 2-em spaces on the piece of paper, and then tip them into a bigger tub once the pile looked substantial. I do this quite a lot, and yesterday I realised that it was a drawing. I love the pointed dots where the corner of the blocks hit the paper. And they're lead marks, just like any pencil drawing.

Ellis Hutch just compared this to Neil Roberts' basketball-bounce drawings, which inspires me to keep going with this bit of paper for the whole month -- I'll show how it progresses maybe once a week.

KTHXBAI, have to go and print now. No rest for the deadline-driven.

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genevieve said...

Eek. I'd need classes for permission to produce something as free as that and then publish it. (Which is why you produce books and artworks, Duck, and I read and look at them.)
I look forward to seeing this one develop.