Friday, August 05, 2005

Travel Warning Upgrade

Today, for some obscure reason I won't go into now because I'm fairly inebriated and I could end up digressing majorly, Bumblebee and I were discussing job prospects. Being an 8=year-old, he wants to be something that involves telling the rest of the world what to do, preferably with a weapon or two. I.e., soldier or policeman. I refrained from mentioning that he could just be the head of a multinational corporation. I did, however, being the mother of an 8-year-old boy who promises to be a gorgeous man, mention that both jobs involved a large element of danger. He asked what sort of jobs were safe. I replied that Best Beloved's job, while not something I would recommend to Bumblebee as a career, was perfectly safe (Public Servant).

'But what about the tourists?' says Bumblebee, 'What if the tourists get into his work?'


'You know, the ones with bombs and machine guns... what if they break into his work and blow up everyone?'

I had this vision of a bus pulling up in front of the Department of Hem Hem and a mob of hawaiian-shirt-wearing dudes flocking in to blind everyone with their camera flashes...

Bumblebee is right. Tourists are a danger in this world. We should be alert, and alarmed. Everywhere.

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harry said...

I saw David Callan, the ex-ASIO now-Standup comic, (no not the big Irish guy) do his show earlier this year.
He said that during the ASIO selection process he was asked what "ism" has had the most impact on modern society.

He replied 'Tourism.'
The Selector asked why.
'Because more and more people are able to travel between other countries easier and at anyone time hundreds of thousands of people from one country are overseas experiencing new places, meeting new peoples etc The world has actually become a global village.'

Callan then said (to the audience) that the Selector, for the first time, started looking at him as if he wasn't a gawky idiot.