Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Something Awful

The three of us came down with a nasty bout of gastro on Monday night. No need for details, just suffice to say that although things have stabilised, we're a tad wobbly today. I've been cruising the internet in quest of distraction, while Best Beloved's choice of distraction is a hot bath with a book (I know, so bad for the book!) and Bumblebee flakes out on the couch with a movie, currently Superman I.

I found a place called, which seems to be the source of many of the odd things that circulate around the internet. Lots of whiffy things, but I did find their Photoshop Phriday segment, and it is fun, lots of movie photo fun, and sci fi image fun. They mount a picture and encourage people with photoshop to make up their own variations and send them in.

Here's one from a section that played with fad-diets:

And these are from the Dick & Jane section:

They have Lord of the Rings, Superheroes, ads, you name it, they encourage you to tinker with it. Very tempting to join in, but it would be a huge timewaster on my part. Fun to check in on occasionally, though. Much more fun than gazing at the photoshop work in mainstream newspapers and magazines, and far more believable.

(I also found my Pickering 'elbows' cartoon, so I'll put that up later today.)


Naomi said...

oh, there I was envisaging you out at the pub while BB looked after Bumbles, but you were cruelly struck down too.

sorry sweets, hope you are all well soon, N

Ampersand Duck said...

Well, we're pretty much recovered now, but it was a bit erky for a while. At least we recovered in time to drink champagne to celebrate BB's NEW JOB!! Hooray!

harry said...

Something Awful is my favourite site!
Their movie-poster and scene take off stuff is the most slick nerd humour I've seen on the net.

Photoshop Phriday has a lot of it but so does 'Comedy Goldmine'
'Comedy Goldmine' also has some gorgeous prose in particular Ryan WTF OMG BBQ'a 'Tales from the Nuthouse' - talking about his experience at being committed to mental asylums.