Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A rare sighting of the Ampersand Duck

Duckie@work*, originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

I'm so bored tonight. I haven't had a proper weekend yet and I've been hard at work writing speeches for my boss to give at various book arts thingies around the country. Writing, words words, blah blah blah and constructing frigging powerpoint shows. I'm so BORED.

So here's a photo of what I'd rather be doing in a work sense. What I'd actually rather be doing is sleeping, but that's a few tedious hours away.

This weekend I'm going away from computers and presses, down to the farm for a long-awaited rest where I can sleep, eat nice things and watch the kittens run free with the chooks. Hooray!

*This is me, hard at work, having pulled off a proof on my work letterpress. I haven't pushed the button yet to make the press go back to the start, so what you're seeing is the inky underbelly of the press, plus a storage tray thingy full of scraps of paper and bookcloth.


Mummy/Crit said...

Great photo. You look just like I imagined...(sorry, but I couldn't resist)...The printing process fascinates me, and I love books, but I don't have any arty tendencies...I noticed you're reading 'Changing Planes' do you like it? Have you read 'Gifts' her new one...? back to lurking now. and sleeping.

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks! Iwas feeling a bit Rubber Duckie yesterday. Sometimes I shift my skin to something a bit more feathery...

I loved Changing Planes. I did an artist's book on Henri Michaux's short story 'I am writing to you from a Far-off Country', and I found Ursula's book very similar. I especially liked 'The Fliers of Gy'. I may do something with that in the future.