Sunday, August 28, 2005

I heart movies

It was an Albatross* weekend this weekend, so besides slaving at the Open Day and beavering away on the computer today, I did actually have some child-free fun moments. One was the Wigging and Penning of Canberra Bloggers on Friday night -- apparently some lurkers were there, not able to identify our group even though we had our fair share of delectable Amazons and obviously intelligent people... better luck next time, peoples. I think next time we should all be carrying red pens or something. I really enjoyed putting some more faces to names, even though one of the faces accompanying a blogging face was an old regular from a bar I used to work in over ten years ago, and he proved the point that old barflies never die, they just go and prop up another bar! He provoked major memory flashbacks for me, which were very distracting. Consequently I drank too much booze, and ended up very sore-headed for Open Day.

The other fortnightly child-free activity is, of course, seeing movies. As we are in endurance training for the upcoming AFI voting sessions (where we will get to see most, if not all, of the nominations for not only film but documentary and animation categories), we decided to see two in a row, albeit one in a cinema and one at home.

The cinematic experience was The Jacket, which for some reason has been promoted, at least in its glossy fliers, as a horror/sci fi. Not very scary, but sci-fi in a 12 Monkeys wanna-be sense. I quite enjoyed it, because I went in expecting something really bad thanks to the reviews I'd read. It wasn't offensive, and it wasn't boring, but it also wasn't terribly ground-breaking. I like the flashy bits when he was stuck in the jacket. But it definitely wasn't as good as 12 Monkeys.

Then we went home and cooked a splendid pork-in-mustard-and-plum-sauce meal and enjoyed I Heart Huckabees, which I'd missed when it came out. Thank you, crazybrave, for the recommendation. I REALLY enjoyed it. I haven't paid that much real attention to dialogue for ages. Usually I'm too busy watching the background. I'll have to watch it again now, for the background incidentals! Thumbs-up to Mark Wahlberg for a good piercing stare.

An open apology for anyone leaving comments now. I'm making you jump through the typing test hoop because I had an infestation of horrid blog spammers this afternoon... dirty little monsters.

*see the Sidebar Glossary.


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