Friday, August 26, 2005

Student Art Fest

The other thing happening anon is the ANU School of Art Open Day. Tomorrow! 9 until 4. Don't worry about visiting the rest of the ANU or UCan or ADFA. Art School is much more fun.

This is a really good chance to see cool things like glassblowers blowing glass! Eat a wood-fired pizza straight from a kiln! Buy cheap art by people who just might get famous one day! Buy a ticket for art raffles with better odds! Look at the excellent exhibition of design in the ANU Art School Gallery (I'm in it!)! Buy a t-shirt or poster from Printmedia & Drawing! Not sure what other activities are happening, but there's usually HEAPS happening, and it's a great day for the kiddies (both yours and the ones who go to art school)!!

I'll be there, making art (for someone else, of course). I'll give a chocolate to anyone who correctly identifies me as Ampersand Duck. What fun!

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