Sunday, September 30, 2007

Errrrggg... aaahhh... *squeak*

I've just had the most indulgent weekend in terms of food and wine, and it ain't over yet.

I went to an in-law family wedding in Pennant Hills in Sydney, on the way there and back made a flying visit to some friends who have just moved to Sydney, and all along the way ate the most incredible food and drank a lot of vino.

Then drove back first thing today to have a celebratory birthday lunch with my parents (it's the last day of the 30s today) at a very nice Canberra venue.

Bumblebee wasn't allowed to come to the wedding (classic family-type wedding, BTW, all the regular eccentrics to keep the reception ticking) so he went to Cootamundra with Colonel and Lady Duck for a reunion of some obscure branch of the family tree, and then back again for this lunch.

In a desperate attempt to stop eating and drinking we took Bumblebee to the movies this afternoon to see Stardust, which is terrific but visually as rich as some of the food we've been eating, and so now I feel bloated and queasy.

Tomorrow we're going to Floriade to squeeze the squeaky balls of these kangaroos:

Street Kangaroos from behind



Anonymous said...

'Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday wonderful beautiful is she really 40 Ducky


We love you ducky.

Sach, Adj, Zac, Josh, the putty cats(MEOW) and the chickens (BRUCK).

TimT said...


fifi said...

happy boithday!

Enny said...

How do you know they squeak?!

How great to have a public holiday for your birthday too! :o)

chosha said...

Happy Birthday!!

I can't believe they put balls on a kanga costume. Good grief! Haven't seen Floriade yet this year - better hurry up before my late Spring hayfever kicks in.