Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bath stares

Mr Padge likes to drink from the bath. He especially likes to jump into the tub just before it totally empties, and drink the warm bathwater as it swirls around his ankley-bits. I've put him in when the water is as deep as his knee-bits, as he seemed to enjoy it immensely. Pooter, on the other hand, won't jump into the bath unless it's completely empty, and jumps out again if you put the plug in to add a little drinking water for them, only returning when there's no chance of splashing.

When they drink together it looks like this, which is something I'd like to capture in Chinese ink one day...

Drinking kitties

Lately Padge has taken to waiting in the bath at odd times of the day, hoping someone will notice him.

Padge waiting 1

And it can be quite spooky, walking from one room to another and having this dark shape catch your eye.

Padge waiting 2

And he just sits there, until you actually lean over the bath for the plug.

Padge waiting 3

And then he gets all modest and bashful, as if to say 'but only if it's not inconvenient to you at this time', and gets all lovey-dovey, and the purr like a chainsaw kicks in.

Demurely waiting

The other day Pooter decided to see if he could do it too

Cats in the tub

But he got bored within a minute or so and went back to hanging out in the kitchen, where he waits for someone to open the fridge or start chopping something. He's never very far from the fridge, that cat, even though he's the skinny kit.


Who Me? said...

Oooh that image in the second picture would give me a fright if I weren't expecting it!

I really like your blog. Great style of writing, good mix of your personal stuff and current affairs.

I see you are archived at PANDORA. What an honour! Andrew over at highriser.blogspot has just been invited. He's not quite sure about it....perhaps you as a veteran PANDORian could advise him :)

Ampersand Duck said...

Thanks, WM (or should I say "Yes You"?

I was a bit freaked out when I got asked about Pandora; at that time I was trying to be very anonymous (as much as you can be, working with letterpress in Canberra, heh) and I thought it was a big commitment. And I felt like I would have to be particularly 'nice' on my blog (reading Ms Fits, also collected, changed my mind on that one). But in the end I thought about not ever having to worry about backing it up or losing the files or whatever, and that is thrilling. I love the thought that my son will be able to access these files in the future if he wants to, and it will be a great record of our lives.

lucy tartan said...

Cat thought processes, aren't they wonderful? And why do cats prefer any water but the water specifically left out for them?

Mummy/Crit said...

Yay bath cats. My boys hang out in the bath when it's empty and near it when it's full, especially if it's full of D'Arcy. They mostly like to drink shower water rather than bath water though.

Enny said...

One of my dogs had a thing for shower water... I wonder what it is?! Do they like the taste of skin?!!

Pavlov's Cat said...

They are truly gorgeous cats, those two, and very spookifying as you say.

fifi said...

We always seem to have a fair amount of bathwater left in ours, so if the cats go in, as they do, they don't actually hit the tub before they propel themselves skywards again...

love the first pic, it is a print worth doing.

One of our cats just learnt to wee in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

Pooter is a cutie! :)

genevieve said...

That ink drawing will be very special. Lovely photos, lovely catlings.