Monday, October 01, 2007

Hippo barfday again


This is me at around 4, I think. A lot cuter than I am at forty. I've learnt a lot since then. These days I know the sight of me with a mop would be sweet, but I'm buggered if anyone can catch me willingly holding one.

Thanks for the well wishes, peoples. I'm having a ripper of a birthday. I was given the DVDs of Red Dwarf (series 1) and Life on Mars, and for books I got Life Class by Pat Barker and Lirael by Garth Nix (advertising your wants on Facebook really works!).

Colonel Duck fulfilled my wish to get power tools for my birthday by giving me a Dremel with lots of attachments. Yay! And Lady Duck gave me nice bottlebrush bushes to plant in the garden, which pleases me no end because I've made friends with the feisty wattlebird who visits every year when the current bottlebrush blooms and is not scared of the cats at all.

And there have been other nice gifts, some of which I'm wearing. Best Beloved is taking me jewellery shopping in the next week or so, as he wants to buy me something meaningful that I'll wear lots, and he feels it would be a more successful gift if I pick it out for myself! I hate to say it, but he's probably right. He's lovely, but taste is not his strong point. On our first date he was wearing nice black shiny shoes and a black t-shirt with tie-dyed pink and white jeans. Ahem. I got rid of those (and a few other iridescent nasties in his wardrobe) quite quickly.

We had a nice time at Floriade today, although missed the kangaroos, sadly. I did take some beaut shots of this year's gnome-painting competition, and I'll put them up soon. Right now I feel a bit sunstruck, so I think it's time for a bit of a bex and a lie-down. Must be all those years creeping up on me... (older friends guffaw NOW.)


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oooh,, a Dremel! With lots of attachments! I alas sold mine before I left NZ so am very very jealous.

Oh - and my jewellery-buying buddy Princess B highly recommends the chaps at Kingston Markets - can't remember their names right now but they look like this:

Ampersand Duck said...

Oooh, thanks for the tip!

Dorian said...

With taste like that he should be hanging out in second life. Am I supposed to wish you a happy birthday here or on facebook? Both? Happy birthday!

Laura says happy birthday from her too.

Tim said...

Happy Birthday!

M-H said...

Happy happy. And at least as many happy returns as you've had birthdays so far.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Happy Duck, you spring chicken you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do check out my online shop that sells my handmade jewellery at

when you've the time. And we're based in Australia, too, so postage is minimal.

The Red Jewel

fifi said...

A lovely b irthday..bottlebrushes is nice.
Your friend the wattlebird will be sure to tell you when the cats approach the bushes, by screeching out "caaat! caaat!! "

listen out for that.

oh, jewels, how nice. My faves are what I choose too.

Michelle said...

Ooh! Hope you birthday was grand! Sounds like it started off that way anyway!

Meant to tell you that my frind LOVED her poster. Thanks so much for that.

Bwca said...

Wishing you many happy returns of the day .. Librans are supposed to be 'visually oriented', so there you go.

I do hope you still have that japanese lady doll in the photo (on the TV).

and congratulations also on the excellence of your beloved: heirloom jewellery. what a sweetheart.

Who Me? said...

Happy Birthday!