Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Aussie Gnomefest

As promised, here are a selection of gnomes from the Aussie Icons-themed Floriade. Gnome decorating is one of the best things about our annual flower show thingy, and the first thing we head for when we go through the gates.

There were a lot of gnomes with sunscreen and sunglasses on, lots of corked hats, a few Gold Logies (just painted all gold), and a number of classics, such as

Bagnomas in Pyjamas
The Banomas in Pyjamas

Ned Gnomy
Gnome Kelly (there were a few of these. This was my favorite)

Ednome Everage & Steve the First
Gnoma Everage (there were a lot of these) and Steve Gnomin. Steve was also a great favorite, and I captured a couple of variations...

Steve the Second
Another Steve. I like his hair.

Bindy and Bob
And an absence of Steve. Without labels, I suspect these are Bob and Bindi.

Then there were the more special Aussie Icons:

kath n kim
Kath n Kim

Johnny gnome
Johnny Howard, looking spectacularly normal

I love the gnome life
Either trying to be a lizard or something from Priscilla. I suspect the latter.

The 3 Gnome Siblings
The Three Siblings...

The gnome that ate Canberra
... and The Gnome that ate Canberra

And then there were the extra special gnomes,

ken gnome
Ken Gnome

magic pudding or meat pie?
At the time we thought this was the Magic Pudding, but now I think it's a meat pie.

Mr Squiggley gnome
Marvellous Mr Squiggle

and my absolute favorite,

Florence Broadnome
Florence Broadnome (or is that Florence Gnomehurst?)

One day I will enter this competition. I hereby make it one of my life goals.


lucy tartan said...

that Mr Squiggle is fantastic.

Stiff (goody two shoes) said...

The meat pie had me on the floor laughing (four and twenty gnomes...) Hope it won a prize (sadly, I suspect not)

Warpgirl said...

Hi Ampersand Duck

Recently found your blog c/- a link from my friend Sister Sticks'. Your recent posts have been making me (ex-Canberra resident back in the far, far West) rather sentimental. The Floriade gnomes were particularly sensational.

Also, we used to have a cat, Ms George Pandamonia, who shared Mr Padge's bath water thing, very amusing and great photos.


byrd said...

Welcome, Warpgirl! Great name, BTW. Visit anytime. I seem to specialise in making ex-Canberrans homesick :)

ampersand duck said...

Ahem. I seem to be logged in as byrd, who is camping in my backyard at the moment! Heh. That last comment was, of course, me.

Who Me? said...

Aren't the gnomes great!

We are also planning to enter one next year. The kids are already brainstorming.

I really liked Mr Squiggle and the Nani's in Jammi's. I actually thought the Little Johnny one was him in person ;) !

Lost in a reverie... said...

I've been perusing Florence Broadhurst's designs online, so was excited to see a gnome painted in her honour! Ned Kelly gnome, complete with crooked mask, is fab.

Ah, Floriade. I miss the aubergine coloured tulips. Beautiful.