Friday, October 05, 2007

Digging through the layers

Bumblebee is sick. Best Beloved is too. He thought he was better today and went to work, but has just come back looking a bit green around the gills. Because I thought he was well, I cancelled today's plans and stayed home, and because I have this unexpected day off, I have been cleaning up rearranging all the shite in my home office. It's more of a pit, really, with a well-worn track (softened by cat hair) between the door and the computer, and piles of books, obsolete bits of computer and paper/files/drafts of things on every side, as high as they can be without wobbling.

I'm finding all sorts of things. Some fun, some not. Some are positively scary. I have already put a lot in the paper recycling bin. Others I can't bear to chuck, but what to do with old postcards/exhibition invites/funny little shopping lists? Make books, I always swear to myself, and I start yet another archive box full of Materials for Future Books that Never Get Made. Sigh.

I found these funny little collages, made when I was an impressionable new (I won't say young) art school student and under the thrall of The Humument, a stage every book arts student should go through and then get over.

My version of the Humument was called 'Amazon Throne', a book about a family of obscure royals in South America about 150 years ago. It seemed to have lots of juicy material to play with, and a name to die for. Anyway, I only did about ten of these pages, dunno how Tom Philips keeps it up. These are three of my favorites:

For those who can't read it, the featured text says, During that same year Dom Joao had been commissioned to keep a sharp eye out for marriageable princesses of exalted lineage, political prestige, adequate financial backing, and not too revolting a face. The text on the man's face says, I could be looking at it 12 hours a day. So I want a big, bright, sharp image. And a square, flat screen. And total control over colour settings. And zero flicker. And crisp focus, even in the corners. And low emissions. And compatibility with my system. Heh.

This one speaks for itself, methinks.

This one is my favorite, probably because I love the way the rose works (it's a picture of meat from an 'eat more meat' ad of the time). The featured text says He justified himself glibly.

Just thought I'd share :)

Back to the sorting & sifting...

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