Wednesday, December 10, 2008

this morning's meanderings

If you have a Windows set-up and are interested in trying out some free 'Classics' e-books, swing by Jeff's blog, grab the code, and then head over to the Macrophobic Sony website to choose which 10 titles would suitably grace your non-Mac screen.

If you would like to know how to make the perfect cucumber sandwich and admire the sweetest tea setting ever, go visit Girlprinter's new digs. I'm very happy that she's being internetly social again.

If you're feeling wurty but not quite able to release the tears, this will help.

And if you want a laugh after the cry to cheer yourself up, try this.

I'm starting to fill up my dance card. I spent yesterday afternoon sorting my (blank) paper drawers and making cards (only managed to make 5) and today I have pressure on me to finish the Blue Poles jigsaw so that we can have our dining table back in use (not to eat upon, oh no, but to put jam jars on! tuh!). I also have to sort out my finances and start thinking about what to pack for our trip to the Woodford Folk Festival in a few weeks. Plus work out my Xmas shopping. And I really want to update Sarsaparilla a bit, because I promised to and it will ease the Guilt Fairy who pisses in my ear every night. Luckily I can't move fast (my body does great Twinge) so I can't go too overboard with any of it.

Working out priorities is hard. Jigsaw? Cards? Heh, don't shoot me, all you exhausted people out there.


JahTeh said...

I remember that twinge. Did the doctor tell you about the 'Ping!' inside as the stitches dissolve?

Wv is tridst. I did tridst very hard today not to procrastinate but still no hoovering of the carpet.

Ampersand Duck said...

No, he didn't, Jah Teh, but you've just made sense of a lot of last week. Thanks.