Monday, December 15, 2008

I must be getting better...

I bought a bikini today.

I haven't worn one for years.

I bought boy-leg bottoms, a slightly padded bra top, both in black with coral and pink bits, and a hot pink rash shirt. I love modern mix-and-match swimwear.

I haven't the figure for it, but I've decided not to care, since I usually swim where no-one sees me, and it's very comfortable.

I tried a little bit of other, more Christmassy shopping, using my weird shopping trolley that looks like it's been cobbled together from a supermarket trolley and pram wheels. I dressed smartly to offset the dagginess of it, but still had pensioners coming up to me as I was taking my half-hourly panting breaks to ask me where I got it from.

Golly, I'm unfit. I don't think I'll be doing too much dancing at the Woodford Folk Festival! I was supposed to teach workshops at the festival, but I cancelled once I knew my operation date, worried that I wouldn't be up to it. I'm very glad I did now, I don't think I would have managed.

We're leaving home on Sunday, heading north to Brisbane for a while, and then working our way south via family and friends after the festival. I'm more confident about driving now, which is great because I'm a very bad passenger and BB is not a particularly confident nor relaxed driver. And he's going to be doing all the toting and lifting, so I can pull my weight with the driving. I can't believe how fast the last four or so weeks have gone! I see my surgeon tomorrow, I hope he likes what he sees...

I also bought a very nice orange top. I didn't like orange much a few years ago; I've done a complete turn-around about it, as you've probably noticed. Now I love the energy it gives me.

Energy not present now. Time for bed.


JahTeh said...

I gather that no photos of the stunning outfit will be forthcoming.

I figured out a way to make my own cossie. My new one is in hot pink ribbed lycra with matching navy pants printed with hot pink daisies and by now, all of your stitches should be breaking. I don't wear it on public beaches, the children and horses should be un-frightened.

Mrs Slocombe said...

I am imagining you wending through that big shopping centre in Canberra with a Hamelinesque line of old folk behind you......and it did my innuendo laden and dirty mind no end of good to see 'bottoms' 'pink bits' and 'pink rash' in the same sentence......your driving arrangement is the same as ours......have a lovely Christmas.

naomi said...

certainly sounds like you are on the mend! I suspect you will find yourself dancing, timidly perhaps, but dancing it will be


Ampersand Duck said...

Tapping my feets, maybe, Nay.

You filthy girl, Betty. I must take a photo of my trolley, bought at Trash'n'treasure from someone handy with a welder. It makes old people very excited.

JahTeh, I've realised that from this age onwards, no-one actually cares what I wear when swimming, so I might as well please myself. You seem to have the same opinion!

JahTeh said...

I never did care nor did the kids.
They took a lovely photo of me walking out of the water wearing bathing cap, goggles and snorkel with the prototype cossie way back when.
I don't understand fat mothers who say they can't keep up with their kids, I never let being fat stop me from going everywhere with them and they certainly didn't care what I looked like.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yup, Mrs Slocombe and I have the same minds, I had to read that sentence a couple of times ;-)

I heart orange - got to be the right shade but when it is, wooh, as you say, the energy! and it can look tops with black, not at all Balmain tigery either.

fifi said...

I have always loved orange, and always worn it very happily but now I am seeming to only wear black or navy,
being a sun-reddened old boiler, orange makes me look decidedly Gold Coast.