Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cats catching the mouse

u need 2 cleen out ur lint trap  its overflowing wit cat hair

For anyone wondering why I'm not challenging you in games on Facebook, it's because both my computer and mouse are full of cat hair and seriously need a clean/service. Cat hair slows things down a LOT.

I'm starting to do stuff. Today I'm going to get out the rubber, blade and pencil (a printmaker's best friends) to clean up and sign some prints I made on my last active weekend. I'll show you once they're done.


Mummy/Crit said...

Perhaps that is what is wrong with me in Scramble too! Actuallly no, I jsut suck at it. I have noticed my laptop running slowly though. I'm up for evil Scrabble if you do, but scramble is too hard right now. So excited for you about the Studio.

Adele said...

Mine had a near-death experience on Sunday........of course I hadn't backed it up for some time.
My computer guru son pulled it to bits and removed the equivalent of half a cat's worth of fur as well as much dust and general crap. This had caused the chip to overheat and refuse to boot up.
It is now running ok......and has been backed up.

chosha said...

Facebook and its 'World of Blood' games are my downfall at the moment.