Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I forgot, in the excitement of writing yesterday, to include my footnote so carefully asterisked along the way. I am typing on a computer today, in the cool beauty of my friend Sacha's house in Redcliffe, recovering from an oversupply of good G&Ts last night. It's the first time I've had carbonated fluid since 'me op' (all you need to know is that gas was BAD) and I'm happy to report that they went down a treat, so I must be doing ok. So, the missing footnote:

* I had a marvellous (and long) conversation in the Telstra T-Shop (snort) with the Tech Dude as he transferred info from my old phone to my new (which seemed to take forever, because, as I discovered later, the iPhone stored multiple numbers for the same person as separate entries, the sorting of which contributed to the Lost Hours). He is Muslim, and we discussed at length how boring Christmas Day is for those who don't celebrate Baby Bejeebus. Mind you, it can't really be much worse than Canberra on a Sunday night...

While we were talking he was playing some sort of game that involved humiliating an effigy of George Bush. I told him about my favorite one of those, the Bubble Game, and as he played and chortled I wondered aloud whether he would get into huge trouble if I was a less amiable customer. 'Oooh, yes,' he said, 'it's amazing how paranoid people are. I'm not supposed to play political games at all at work. But you have sharp eyes, and I'm very lucky.' I bet!

So my best wishes for the season are trying to be inclusive of those who don't have a season other than a boring couple of days. Have a good whatever :)

funny pictures of cats with captions

Also, if you want something close to a meme read from me, nice Perry at Matilda picked my brains a bit for his Summer blogger series. I felt like the comic relief when I read eveyone else's answers, but that's how I usually feel in company, so no biggy. Scroll down and read the others too; it might give you some decent summer blog reading!

Oh, should mention, because it was marvellous, my visit to the Barratt Galleries in Alstonville yesterday. Run by the charming and energetic Julie Barratt, it features works on paper with a special emphasis on artists' books. It's a beautiful old house converted into gallery spaces with a print studio and a shops space. Only an hour and a half from Brisbane, a quick ten minutes from Ballina and just off and beside some major highways, the gallery is really worth a visit if you're heading that way.

Goodness, it's Christmas tomorrow. Have a good one (if you're having one)!

funny pictures of cats with captions


Mrs Slocombe said...

Well there's no such thing as serious relief is there?

genevieve said...

Oh garn. Your snapshot was excellent, as usual.
Have a nice day tomorrow - I have come over all busy and cleaned a few WINDOWS OMG WTF. Now I have to make a note of which ones for when I finish the job in a few weeks time (as well as find a solution for removing small brown spots of what looks like possum urine from the front ones.)

Bernice said...

Have a fab Xmas Ms Duck. Back from kiddies - happy little vegemites one & all. Sigh. Looking forward to a 2009 FILLED with workshops & studios... and a few G&Ts.

Ampersand Duck said...

We have a lovely half-light effect in our house because we haven't been allowed to wash our windows for years. They declared a weekend window-washing amnesty a couple of weeks ago, but of course I was in NO FIT STATE. [phew!]

No, indeed, Betty!

Of course, bernice!

fifi said...

Have a wondrous day, you wondrous woman!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good Christmas.

A friend of mine, who is Jewish, once got so bored on Good Friday that she went to mass at the Cathedral just to work out what the fuss was all about. She tells me she quite enjoyed it.

Personally, I think a public holiday with nothing on sounds pretty good, and I'm considering moving to a muslim or hindu country so I can have one. That's probably because I have an excess of relatives, and celebrating Christmas four times can get a bit much. So now I'm off to get ready for Round Three.

genevieve said...

I know. I was zorsted in the middle of Christmas day, serves me fookin' well right. Won't do that again.