Friday, December 12, 2008

it's raining (again)

blue pole

Dorothy Porter died.
I finished the Blue Poles jigsaw.
It's raining today and Bumblebee is meant to be at the pool with his school.

The first is tragic (54!), the second is a relief, and the third is not unusual. Of the probably 7 December trips to the pool made by B, at least 4 have been cold and/or wet. I'm pretty sure the school's cancelled the excursion -- I don't listen to whichever poxy local radio station with ads that they inform, and I can't get through to the office, so I've just sent him along with the gear in his bag just in case, but it looks pretty pool-unfriendly out there. I'm sure they'll just watch videos all day or something equally pre-Christmassy constructive.

Bumblebee's drama performance on Wednesday was fab. He has a gorgeous drama teacher who looks like Robin Hood from the latest BBC series plays piano along with their dramatics, which is a rare and precious gift and they love him for it.

This is what our version of Sylvester McMonkey McBean (from Dr Suess's The Sneetches) looks like:
Sylvester McMonkey McBean 1

Sylvester McMonkey McBean 2
He's a lean, mean, money-making machine!

And this is the way Bumblebee photographs me finishing a puzzle:


Not the best portrait of me, but he was very keen that I include it. In the background on the right you can just see the awesome Hello Kitty! shrine pop-out birthday card my lovely Sacha brought me back from Japan. I haven't got around to putting it away yet, it's just so over the top.

So now we can free up the table for maybe a day or two of eating meals before it gets covered in jars and stuff to take to Queensland. Then we'll go back to hunching in front of the news with plates on our laps. I'm trying to sort out my home office today, because I'm meeting up with a real live Bookkeeper next week to attempt to make a clean start to 2009.

I'm working my way through my deep-litter filing system, not very systematically, making more piles of vaguely grouped papers. Every now and then Padge comes in, drenched with rain, and tried to be helpful. So not only are my financial and other records going to be interleaved with black cat hair, but they will also be covered in smudged and watermarked cat paw prints. I do hope she's not allergic to cats!

It's almost time to stop and have my (newly) habitual lunch in front of the tv. Shall I spend an hour in front of my beloved VH1 (they've got me hook, line and sinker, it's great as a background to many activities), or shall I start another DVD from the pile of RomComs lent to me by a friend? Again, choices, choices...


Bernice said...

Now when you finish your sorting, just you pop over to Villa Penrose while you're in the swing - as much Russian Caravan as you can drink. My fine collection of unsorted receipts looks forward to your attention.

Ampersand Duck said...

I would, but I'm papered in. I don't think I can get out of the office to have lunch!

comicstriphero said...

Sorry, slightly off topic, but the streetscape in the background of those photos reminded me.

Recently stayed in Downer for a night at a house not far from yours...

Got lost trying to find a shortcut back from Dickson shops.

There is nothing else on the planet like early summer evenings in Canberra. Sydney's air is like soup compared.

It is also pleasantly quiet, what without the trains, planes and houses on top of each other.

Yes, I miss it a bit sometimes.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

That young 'un looks fantastic! I'm going to have to get myself a moustache and a pinstripe hat and do likewise.

genevieve said...

It is regrettable that young persons sometimes grow out of doing what he's doing there. Right here, right now....
can I eat that jigsaw? it looks AMAZING. Clearly you are a recuperating artist, not a normal being.

naomi said...

Yay Bumblebee!! Aunty Naomi is reasonably confident Bumblebee will grow further into such behaviours, rather than out of them, unless he chooses that as a form of rebellion against his very silly stepfather.

Love the hair Duck - how is it gonna feel like summer if we ain't gonna see each other over the break?

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I never followed Dorothy as closely as I wanted, but her poetry gave me a weird and bittersweet coincidence once and I think about it/her often...

BB is just delightful - and long may his creativity flourish and develop :-)