Friday, March 24, 2006

Snap happy

Hooray! Very happy. Have accumulated enough dosh to replace my digicam!

I was a good girl, did my homework, read the Choice reports, and decided on a shortlist, and then discovered that the Choice Best Buy was on sale. Double hooray! So I'm getting this, which I figure is a pretty good deal for the amount I'm allowed able to spend. I'm not terribly good at the technical stuff, just want something that lets me snap at things reasonably well. This one also has text recognition software, which won me over on the spot.

And I'm getting it in red, for obvious reasons. Love the idea of a red camera. (I'm such a girl sometimes.) Actually the name is 'Noble Wine', which sounds like a whinging queen. Or a dig at the fact that I'm not drinking (sob). Only downside is that I have to wait until next week to get the coloured version. Not much of a downside, really.

So only a few more sleeps before I'm able to get visual again!

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