Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Crash landing

My lovelies, we tried to watch the Oscars last night. BB and I were quite intrigued by the whole Crash/Capote/Brokeback Mtn tussle, and decided to watch the outcome on tv. So every time the radio tried to tell us who won, we literally plugged our ears and went LALALALALALLALALALALAALLAAAAAA until that bit was over.

All started well. I enjoyed the Cowboy montage, managed to smile through Nicole, then we turned over to South Park for a bit of sanity. When we switched back things just got sillier and sillier, until they had Someone introducing Someone Else who introduced Someone Else who introduced yet another Someone Else who announced the winner for that category. I wandered off in sheer frustration, and after a while so did BB. I didn't find out who won until today when I checked the internet. I haven't experienced something so boringly frustrating since Kerrie Ann Kennerley massacred the Charles & Camilla wedding broadcast. Is it any wonder we avoid commercial television?!

Much more fun to experience the Oscars this way.

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