Monday, March 20, 2006

Larry pops in for a visit

Meet Cyclone Larry. Hitting Cairns and region as I type. [later: ooh, how cool! I just noticed that the image is being updated everytime the BoM updates. So this is the passing of Larry.)

Best Beloved is in Cairns right now, on a work junket. He's supposed to be sitting on a light plane today, visiting indigenous communities right up the coast to the tip of Australia. Instead he's bunkering down in his hotel room, wondering whether he'll need to drag the mattress off the bed. When he rang this morning to assure me that he wasn't going flying, he mentioned that the hotel hadn't given any kind of warning to the hotel occupants, and that there were still tables and chairs on the balconies outside, even though the winds were rapidly speeding up.

Sounds like the locals don't seem too concerned, so I'm not too worried. BB errs on the anxious side, so I'd say he's thinking about building himself a little shelter and stocking up the barfridge. Still, its a bit more interesting than sitting in an office in Canberra, and I'm sure he'll dine off the story for weeks.

Here's another image, taken last night:

Isn't it wonderful? Nothing on the left, then a wave of cloud from the right. You can see Larry swirling away up north. I love these images.

Meanwhile, Bumblebee and I are enjoying our public holiday (Canberra Day) with a bit of lolling around and scoffing pancakes. Maybe even a movie, but there's not a lot of choice for kids at the moment. Only a few weeks until the Easter surge of kids films, but right now there's only (erg) The Pink Panther remake. We might just rent something and watch it at home.

Postscript: Apparently the worst that is happening to BB is that he is dying of boredom and has run out of smoked salmon. He is so bored he has finally learned how to use the work mobile and is SMSing me madly. I too, nearly died of boredom this morning, as Bumblebee begged me to take him to see The Pink Panther and I was stupid enough to think I could handle it. God, my brain nearly atrophied. DO. NOT. GO. It is AWFUL.

But on the way home B asked me if BB was in any danger of getting sent to Oz and if so would he find his way back. You see, I kept saying 'Cairns' and he was hearing 'Kansas'. Cute.

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