Monday, March 27, 2006

Excitement abounds around here

My camera has arrived! It is a thing of beauty. I am bursting with antici...


But the dratted battery needs to be charged and the manual says it takes 150 minutes but it's been longer than that and the little red light keeps flashing at me and I think I'm going to go mad from checking on it... arggggh!

Maybe I should just let it sit overnight. Patience, my young padawan, patience.

Which reminds me...

Young Bumblebee (my young padawan [ta, Fyodor]) came home on Friday afternoon with his school uniform t-shirt ripped all up the side and a nasty graze under his nose. When asked how it happened he told us a thrilling story about a fight on the oval between some 6th graders and some 3rd graders in which he has played a vital role in helping his friends ex-cape the baddies. We were all very concerned and pressed him for more details, which he happily gave us, concluding that the 6th graders had got in trouble at the end, and because he and his friends had done the right thing, none of them had got into trouble and the teachers would keep a special eye out for the bullies during the next week to make sure there were no further incidents.

He went away for the weekend with his dad, and in our New Climate of Niceness (have I blogged this? Note to self to check), the Albatross and I chatted on the phone about it and we both came to the conclusion that maybe I should just check with his teacher on Monday to make sure all really was ok in the aftermath of the kerfuffle.

Can you guess what happened? Bumblebee and I rode to school this morning, and just before we got there I mentioned that I would come in for a moment to chat to his teacher, and...

The Truth Came Out. No fight, just a simple tale of climbing a tree before school with his friends and snagging his shirt as he jumped out when the bell rang. The shirt snagged, he twisted, the branch slapped him in the face, and then snapped. He felt so guilty about the tree branch and the ruined shirt that he made up the more exciting story!

I didn't want to make too big a fuss about it, so we went and had a milkshake and I had the usual Trust and Cry Wolf issues conversation with him, but then as punishment I made him ring both Best Beloved and the Albatross to confess. That was hard for him, and luckily both men rallied to the occasion. How could you not? Apart from anything else, it was such an old-fashioned boyish jape that we almost wept with relief. So nice to find out that boys still climb trees! And got skinned noses as a result!

Still flashing. Bugger. Watch this space.

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