Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cat tales

Hooray! Visual again. Unfortunately, even though I spent the whole of Bumblebee's swimming lesson yesterday looking like a geek and reading the User's Manual, I'm not wholly familiar with my new camera's workings and have not a lot of time to experiment. I'm supposed to be studying for my First Aid certificate, and while the test is next week, I have to have my workbook in by Friday. I'm just no good at self-directed education. I like the Thrill of the Night Before Adrenalin Rush. Still, I'll give it my best shot.

So. Some quick snaps, of the cats of course, because I know that's what is important to many of you.

Mr Pooter and Mr Padge are now about 16 months old. Padge has taken after his father, Best Beloved. He likes to peruse dictionaries and write letters to the paper and whichever companies and institutions have upset him during the week. His latest letter is to the ACT government about unleashed dogs on cycling paths. A very important issue for prowling cats.

Of course, he ties his own bowties. Anyone who doesn't is just not worth knowing.

Mr Pooter, on the other hand, takes after Mother. He likes to curl up with a novel, or sit at the computer and see what's happening in blogosphere.


If he reads something he likes, he'll comment.


He doesn't like commenters who insinuate that he's an arsehole.


Now then, that's not funny.

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