Saturday, March 18, 2006

Silly sorrows

This is an utterly silly post, but hey, that's what blogs are for.

I've got the beginnings of a list. It's a list of musicians I feel sorry for when I listen to their music. And all for really trivial reasons. This has been prompted by the recent excavation of my old vinyl records.

Here I go (in no particular order):

1. Robert Palmer.
Looking for Clues and Johnny and Mary are such good songs that I'm sorry he's dead when I hear them. This doesn't apply to any of his other songs.

2. Michael Jackson.
Anything up to and including Thriller makes me sad for his nose. and skin. and general cuteness. Watching The Wiz can reduce me to tears, as can Ben. I got teary watching his pre-weird cuteness on Spicks&Specks last week.

3. Don Walker.
I feel sorry for him every time I listen to any of his songs mangled by Jimmy Barnes, especially Sing to Me on the Twentieth Century album. It must have hurt.

I'm sure I'll add to this list over time. Anyone else want to add to it? Feel free.

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