Friday, March 24, 2006

Playing Games

A Wild Young Under-Whimsy has noticed a lot of fun happening at the Melbourne Weekly. I wish the Canberra Times would get jiggy wiv it like that!

PS First day of the Lifeline Book Fair today... it's usually an official public holiday in our household, which BB takes very seriously. He has two days off a year to buy books. Unfortunately I have printing commitments, so I couldn't be there at the initial stampede for the Military History section(!). I trust BB had a good time, haven't spoken to him yet. I'll be getting on the treadly at about 3pm and puffing up Northbourne Avenue to scour the dregs of the first day. Hopefully there will be some interesting old poetry volumes and weird catalogs to take home. No photos, of course, this time, but if I find anything spectacular I'll borrow Zoe's camera again. If you're from Canberra, head on down! Tip: Sunday afternoon is usually the $10-a-shopping-bag-full deal, so if you're broke, head on down to EPIC around 1pm on Sunday.

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