Thursday, May 27, 2010

Travelling with the Sherpa

Oh, one of things I forgot to add to the list was another swag of encounters with the Shopping Sherpa. She went to Melbourne for the weekend and got a lift with her regular cat feeders, so I offered to feed Mr Nibbs for her (since I didn't manage to help any when her house got robbed). It was fun, apart from the fact that Mr Nibbs was initially a scaredy-cat and ran from me any time I tried to be nice to him (which I think was trauma from the robbery), but by the end of the weekend we were reasonably friendly with each other. I also got to explore SS's CD collection, which included Lady Gaga and the entire discography of the Pet Shop Boys. I quite like Ms Gaga when I'm not distracted by her art direction.

Shopping Sherpa is also curating an exhibition of miniature craft pieces called 'Call of the Small', showing at Craft ACT in August (when I'm in NZ), and I'm making teeny letterpress posters for it. She came for a studio visit on Tuesday, and has blogged an account of it, something I gather is part of a series of studio visits to the artisans in the show.

I gave my talk last night, too fast, of course, but I think I said all the right things. The artists looked happy with what I said. Then I took the Aunties back home for a big pasta dinner, cooked in front of them while they talked and watched Spicks & Specks. Bacon, olive & tomato pasta, pesto gnocci, green salad, garlic bread, followed by fruit and a cheese platter and a glass of cumquat brandy.

I'm feeling a touch floppy today. I'm sure I'll rally in time for my excursion to Tuggeranong.


genevieve said...

Aaah, but did the aunties watch Lowdown? (LOVING it.)
Cumquat brandy sounds beautiful. May I ask what brand you recommend?

Ampersand Duck said...

G, we make our own, so I can't recommend any brand, but the recipe is very, very easy: brandy, sugar, cumquats. Thrown them in a large sealable container, leave for a few months, stirring occasionally. I think he also throws a vanilla bean in too, but can find out for sure later.

genevieve said...


*prole* haha

Ampersand Duck said...

G, it's in the Stephanie Alexander cookbook (the big essential one). BB lives through it.