Wednesday, May 05, 2010

mucking aboot on the farm + hippo barfday to BB

Justin sighed. It was hard to follow your dream when all they did was mock you.

I've been having fun with my Farmville site on Facebook. There are times when you've done all your chores, and there's nothing much else to do. So I've started making little scenarios with my livestock.

Chatting around the grain silo at lunchtime, they were incredulous that Bruce had managed to get an iPad on the weekend.

While I'm creating, here's a birthday appearance for Best Beloved, who turns 39 today. (He's 3.5 years younger than me -- does that make me a cougar? or just a kitty?) I thought, even though (or maybe especially since) he doesn't read my blog, I'd give you a sneak peek at him:

This is probably as close as I can get to portraying him, anyway. I thought about putting him in a shirt & tie, to denote his Servant to Teh Public status, but he does love his Cartman, and his present today from me was two very silly and quite rude tshirts, including this, which delighted him, but we both agree that it will be hard to find places in which to wear it.

I remembered to buy him a birthday cake to eat last night when we went out with mates, and I cooked him a nice breakfast this morning. Tick, tick, tick tick, most of the birthday boxes ticked. Phew!


naomi said...

Verdict from Mr A on your portraiture: "*snort* hohoho, oh yeah!! *snort*"

Mindy said...

That might have to be an around the house t-shirt. At least for the next thirty years or so, until people have forgotten who JD was. Happy Birthday to BB.

Word verification likes the t-shirt: acing

jo said...

Pretty awful. Can't imagine wearing it outside of the house - unless you're looking for trouble.

jo said...

And I don't think that's a grain silo.