Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coming soon

broadside peek: Space Invaders

broadside peek: Mario / Pacman ghosts

Coming soon to the Ampersand Duck website: four broadsides by my student resident Natalie Azzopardi. She's been working hard, splitting the one ration of Fabriano Rosapina paper into smaller piles so that she could work on a few different designs and allow herself to play with my orsum (the way I hear my son say it) equipment.

She's built up a 'Game Over' theme, and all of these figures have been painstakingly handset from individual metal type ornaments. The Mario broadside is particularly hard to reproduce, because his face and hands are embossed rather than printed with ink.

Aren't they cool? We're scanning them today, and they'll soon be up for sale on my website for $50 each plus postage and handling. These photos are just taken with my phone camera, so the scans should really make the colours pop.

Next resident, Peter McLean, will start working either in July, before I go to NZ, or October, when I get back from NZ. Either way, I can't wait to see what he does -- he's a printmaker who loves type and wood engraving, so I think his work will be a little bit more traditional than Natalie, who is a photographer who dabbles so well in the book arts & print that I think she should keep her practice broad and papery :)


TimT said...

I love them!

Laughingrat said...

Whoa, these are amazing!