Sunday, May 09, 2010

Muvvers day

Damn, did it again. Every year I buy my mother a present and every year I forget to send it to her, so every year my Mother's Day morning phone call starts with

I'm sorry, I did it again...

Luckily her response is usually along the lines of

That's ok, you know I don't mind!

I heart my mum.

Luckily BB and his mother don't celebrate the day, or that would just be two lots of things to forget!

Myself, I was woken with a menu that offered me sensible choices like

Eggs Benedict (poached eggs with bacon and hollendaise sauce on a bagel and a side serve of rocket)
Eggs Florentine (the same, but without the bacon)
Eggs Cochrane (a family name): rotten eggs nestled on a fly-poo bagel, layered with rancid bacon fat, and served with chocolate ice-magic, with a side serve of cucumber and orange peel.

Banana pancake
served with yogurt and maple syrup
Quince pancake served with quince syrup and cinnamon
Snail pancake served with slug slime speckled with wasp droppings

and for beverages

White wine
Twinings Prince of Wales tea
Peppermint tea
Grapefruit fizz
Cup of cold sick

Ahem. I chose Eggs Florentine and a cup of tea.

Now, if you watched Spicks & Specks on Wednesday night, you will not be surprised to hear that I asked my family to buy me a copy of Bat out of Hell on CD for M's Day, to replace my quite-forgotten, once-well-loved and completely played-to-death adolescent cassette.

What did surprise me was my mother's response to my telling her this:

Oh wow -- can you make me a copy??!!


We spent the day today driving to Bundanoon (Bumblebee and I roaring along to Meatloaf at top volume while BB concentratedly listened to ABC RN podcasts on his Blackberry with a stiff face) to visit my darling Sasha, who was visiting from Brisbane, and driving slowly back, popping into whatever Antique and secondhand book shop we passed. Then tonight I'm cooking a very slow-cooked Hoggett stew with preserved lemon-stuffed green olives and lemon-roasted potatoes. Yum!

...and it's ready just in time for Dr Who.


Adele said...

I received Jimi Hendrix Valleys of Neptune for MD.
I also have several copies of the much loved Bat out of Hell. I went a bit crazy in JB Hi Fi last week acquiring Guns'n'Roses' Greatest Hits, Slash, San Patricio, The Esential Chieftains, Ali Farka Toure, and Bruckner's 7th Symphony.
Us old chicks have eclectic musical tastes!

Furniture removals Melbourne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day especially with that delicious breakfast to start with. Your mom seems so sweet and understanding.