Thursday, November 02, 2006

rain makes everything fresh and nice

Bookbinding class this afternoon, and while we stitched and glued it poured with rain outside, which made it almost a perfect day for me. Almost... but not quite, thanks to the inane conversations happening beside me between Nostalgia Woman and National Geographic Man.

NW is in her early 60s, I'd say, and is restoring childrens books that (I think) used to belong to either herself or her mother. She is one of those people who talk out loud constantly while they work, and while she's happy if you don't respond, she'd much rather you did, which can waste a lot of precious bookbinding time. I'm getting very good at keeping my eyes downcast.

NGM is a newby, and I think only a temporary member of the class. He's around the same vintage as NW, and is hard-binding his entire collection of National Geographics (collected since he was a boy, never missed an edition). He's making the cases (book covers) at home, and is coming to our class a few times to block the covers (ie, put the lettering on the spine). He wears shorts with elastic waist pulled up over his stomach, his polo shirt tucked into them, and has wonderfully bucked and protruding teeth.

These two get on like a house on fire. In fact, I think they've known each other for a while, and probably in a past life. Today they were positively flirting, and as much as I tried not to listen, it got a bit grating; lots of guffawing and simpering. I was thinking on the way home that it would be really freaky if they were actually married in real life and were just pretending not to be for class. But my imagination does tend to run away with me.

Speaking of inane words, BB sent me this today:


It's a website where you can make your own speech for Dubya and then hear him say it! Almost as much fun as this.


lucy tartan said...

Get a lot of rain? It really bucketed in Melbourn

Any social situation where you suspect that two people aren't letting on to the rest of the group that they know each other has got to be a bit on the freaky side, even if you think it's partly imagination.

elaine said...

and didn't it bucket down in Melbourne! My lime trees loved it.

I had a very weird (in a bad way) situation in a (short-lived) job once where the boss and the 2IC were married with a 2 year old. They refused to admit it to ANYONE. We all suspected that it was so she could be a spy in the office. Horrid.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, it poured, and only a couple of hours after I emailed artnoose in the US telling her how bad our drought is. Such good rain, and hopes of more today. Even if it doesn't rain again, the weather is cool enough to keep the moisture around for a while. HAPPY!

Zoe said...

Well the English head teacher at my high school was boffing my teacher, and both were married to other people and they got sprung by my friend necking in a car.

We got to go on a LOT of excursions that year.

A_N_Nanda said...

Well, one has to take them in one's stride, they being more frequent these days. The mantra is here to remember: Enjoy something filmy enacted with no demand of ticketing!