Friday, November 24, 2006

new millenium new romantics

I'm going to an 80s New Romantic party on Saturday night. When I told Zoe about this, her first lightning response was 'have you got your feather earring?'.

I was in the thick of the New Romantic trend, in my early teens, glued to Countdown to see the latest fashion trends from the UK and trying them all out at school discos. Without going to my vinyl collection (that's this afternoon's pleasure -- I'm delaying it), I can remember:

-- gelling the hair back at the sides, and up at the top.

-- eyeliner. lots of eyeliner.

-- white powder on the face.

-- ruffled white shirts.

-- costume jewellery in the shape of gilt picture frames filled with stained-glass-window-like plastic*

-- feather earrings.

-- kilts.

-- ribbons, preferably black, tied around the throat.

-- shoestring ties around the neck of the aforementioned white shirt, with the collar up and proud.

-- Boots.

OK, so thats the list dredged from the dark vapid recesses of my mind. Anyone got anything else?

* I still had a brooch like this up until recently until a friend noticed Bumblebee wearing it and successfully offered him money for it. This is the same friend having the party this weekend. (I have high hopes of an alcohol-fueled recovery of it, heh.)


genevieve said...

Wow, I hope you have some good alcohol in mind as a trade. Can I suggest some chartreuse (just found out about it in the paper last week. I thought it was sort of purple before that.)Have a great night, wear your collar proud.
Lovely post over at Sars, by the way. That is a very attractive website, I look forward to exploring it further.

Ampersand Duck said...

Ooh, now there's a thought. I hadn't considered trading it back! I was going to wait until she got really pissed and then steal it. But your way is better, of course, and if I take something exotic she may be tempted to give it back (and then I'll be able to wear it proudly rather then hide it away and only wear it when she's not around).

It is a beautiful website, isn't it? They are visual whizzes.

Ron said...

Stealing it back will make for better dinner party stories in the future though.

ThirdCat said...

And just when you think you've got enough gel, add a little more.

Also, stirrup paints and pointy black shoes with elaborate lace holes.

And re the brooch: some people are shameless!

lucy tartan said...

What 3C said, plus massive amounts of blush. The blush is VERY important. Red lipgloss probably a good idea too.

Don't forget the fingerless lace gloves, or glove.

Kate said...

Sadly my formative years were played out during the grunge era, so I can offer no advice. But when they start having mid-90s Nirvana-esque Parties, me and my flanny and my doc martens will be ready!

Instead, I will say: PHOTOS!

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, the fingerless glove/s! memories! [tears up]

Zoe said...

I'm not sure about the red lipgloss. I think you should wear that nice frosty pink with blue bits in it.

Mummy/Crit said...

And blue/violet/purple mascara (take your pick)... I had pointy shoes in 1985 that gave me dreadful blisters. I still wore them until they fell apart. My only school disco memory is of a hot pink layer skirt and a feather hair slide (also hot pink) - that was 1982 and i was in year 7, give me a break!

Tim said...

I'm of Kate's vintage, so no advice from me either. However, if you ever need to know how to mope around with long hair, slashed jeans, a flanny and a picture of Kurt Cobain pasted to your English class folder, I'm your man.

BTW, the word verification for this comment is rjctpms. Come on ladies, reject it!

lucy tartan said...

If it wasn't Saturday tomorrow, and you weren't the phenomenally hard working human you are, I would urge the renting and watching of Purple Rain for research purposes. And because it is effing brilliant.

Ampersand Duck said...

You know, I might just do that this afternoon when the heat peaks.

I played the soundtrack last night whilst cooking a curry, and will probably play it again, along with some Spandau Ballet and Ultravox during our dressing tonight...

Boysenberry said...

Gawd, I can think of some strange moments as I waivered between New Romantic and Punk. Has anyone mentioned the strategic use of a fopish white cravat thingy? And a tailored/fitted jacket or bodice is pretty much a must.

fluffy said...

There's always the bolo tie, the oversized satin shirt with pointy collar, the diamante earring one ear only). Refer to Demi Moore's entire wardrobe in St Elmo's Fire.