Monday, January 09, 2006

Wending out way homewards

Argh, wrote a beautiful post and destroyed it all with a single keystroke. Well out of practice, me.

Let's try again. I have been missing my regular posts so much it HURTS! I'm still on holiday, and won't be home until Wednesday, but my salvation today comes in the form of Super-Naomi, sister-in-law and LP/wsacaucas Queen. She understands the need to blog. Bless her. I haven't seen my son or my cats for over 3 weeks, so to be staying somewhere with a small boy, a cat and an internet-connected Mac is sheer heaven. Not to mention great food and lashings of chai.

So until I can get home and scratch my itches, I'll content myself with another list. Since I wrote last, I have:

-- played LOTS of board games. A very close QLD friend has a new partner who used to own a games shop, and he seems to have paid himself in stock. He dragged a huge pile of games into the room and we worked our way through them with lots of alcohol. Highlights were Zombies, Art Auction, Scene It?, and Balderdash. Having good bullshit skills helped with the latter.

-- visited Byrd and family in their new digs in Brisbane. Watch out Brisvegas grafitti scene!

-- stayed in a very cool old weatherboard beach shack on the Gold Coast with another girlfriend. What it lacked in style it more than made up for in location -- you walked out of her back door straight onto Palm Beach. Unfortunately she's being kicked out at the end of the month, so we were really happy to share the experience, even briefly.

-- experienced a thunderstorm in every place we've stayed at. Told you I was a rain goddess.

-- travelled to the Blue Mountains, staying at a couple of different locations, one of which I'm at now. The best thing is that the weather is cool, foggy and rainy. I'm wearing jeans for the first time in weeks. It is heaven. The only sweat I raised was after a nice long bush walk, which is how things should be. I hate QLD heat. I told Best Beloved that if he really loved me, he'd take me South every summer, not North. I don't think he was listening at the time.

-- had a lovely disjointed virtual argument with my ex-boss, trying to negotiate a stress-free passage through the next few months of disembowelling my work space. Not very optimistic about the stress-free bit, but I'll do my best. After all, she's the one who is leaving, not me.

-- missed out on Summernats. Hooray! But I didn't need to go, because Zoe did it for me. Onya, crazy chick.

I can't wait to get home so that I can read everyone else's posts and catch up on every level, but I guess you've worked that out by now. Dinner's ready, so I wish you adieu.

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