Sunday, January 22, 2006

On a lighter note...

It's been a hoot of a weekend!

First, Zoe and I went to a fitball class at the Australian Institute of Sport. I've always been told that Fitball is a gentle way to reintroduce my BFFA* to exercise. Gentle my arse! Wobbling around falling off a huge inflated ball is a completely undignified way to reintroduce my body to exercise, and it is NOT gentle. Ok, ok, gentler than walking down the frigging Giant Stairway, but only because it spreads the pain around my body evenly! The class was hilarious, and I think it deserves a joint photo-essay in the next few weeks. Zoe and I will work on it between gasps.

Secondly, Padge discover a cache of poisoned rats in the next-door neighbour's garage and painstakingly carried them over to our backyard for a play. Thank goodness we discovered him before he ate them. We thought he'd caught one, and then saw two others scattered nearby. He was very disappointed when we took them away. I'm sure the neighbour was very pleased that we cleaned them up for him!

Two happy cats, about to divvy up the spoils

Three dead rats, three dead rats, see how they, um, flop...

Then we went appliance shopping! What fun. I love making cash deals with pimply young things in major appliance franchises. We bought a huge food processor (for BB to make his preserves), a new toaster (finally, no more turning the homemade bread slices around to brown both ends) and a NEW TV! Actually, I'm not that excited by the idea of a new tv. Our old 34cm screen was quite serviceable, but it was very old, with no remote, and the routine for turning it on and watching a dvd or video rivalled something out of a Douglas Adams book. The new 51cm tv is still only cathode ray, but has all the relevant AV ports and we can now just turn on the tv and watch whatever we want. My father will collapse in relief next time he visits.

Of course, setting up the new tv took most of this morning, and meant that I had to rejig the whole living area. Having a more up-to-date tv meant that I could move the digital set-top box off the top of the stereo and I could reinstate the record player! I pulled out some favorite records and Bumblebee said 'Are you going to play that! How quaint!' I told him it was very hip to have a turntable. When I turned it over to the other side he was gobsmacked. He didn't know that records had two sides. Sigh. I feel old. He was equally delighted when I showed off my baby-pink vinyl of Elvis's greatest hits, and the red-vinyl double Beatles album. he's out there now, listening to 1982: Out of the Blue which I think is an essential education for anyone who wants to know about 80s music. Best Beloved pulled out his extremely funny and I'd say fairly rare copy of JJ's 'Dr Poo'. All Cisterns Go! It's Dr Poo in his Turdis, accompanied by his brainless assistant Dana Sock and Denis the Denim Cat!

We listened to albums and watched odd bits of tv on our alarmingly bigger screen while BB made tomato relish, rhubarb and orange marmalade and spicy plum sauce. Having heated up the house and ourselves to the point of heat exhaustion, I think we're off to the local pool for a while.

It's just not the same.

*Big Fat Flabby Arse

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Geoffrey said...

"Best Beloved pulled out his extremely funny and I'd say fairly rare copy of JJ's 'Dr Poo' ..."

I have been hunting a copy of Dr Poo's "Knees Ahoy" adventure ever since two separate bastards stole my vinyl copy and the cassette copy I'd made of it. And apart from a teensy excerpt Aunty dredged out for "Thirty Years Of The J's" I've not heard any since!

Would you could you, if you would, put the question to BB to find out how much he'd want for a cassette (or if the facilities are available, a CD-R) copy of "Knees Ahoy"? My knees tremble with anticipatory delight!

(a copy of this crie de cour also sent to your letpress address)