Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Five weird things about Duckie

Another intermission, cause I can't resist anymore. It's been so much fun reading about other people's perceived weirdnesses.

1. Whenever I mentally recall an embarrassing moment, I start audibly humming muzak. Usually showtunes or bits of jazz. I don't realise I'm doing it at first, and it's one of those 'how loud have I been doing this?' moments when I do catch myself. I suppose I'm trying to change the subject in my head! I've caught myself doing it in the middle of conversations with people and during sex.

2. I have quite strong dislikes to certain food-stuffs, based on smell. I can't remember having been a fussy child, but I must have been, because I made it through to adulthood with a fair few dislikes. Any that were based on sight or texture I've managed to overcome, but if I don't like the smell, I won't eat or drink it. These include: cucumber (can't even use a facepack smelling of it), beer, coffee, and oranges. If someone peels an orange in close proximity, I'm gagging.

3. I do, however, like eating frozen peas while still frozen. Big cups of them. And so does my son.

4. I am married to a very weird man (well, he's about me a lot!). He's quite shy, and thanks to bad acne, didn't fare well in the ways of love, so he spent a lot of his teen years and 20s perfecting a lot of silly faces, noises and juggling tricks, all executed in a droll, dry manner. Most people think he is a very straight, very square man. Until they get to know him. Kids find out a lot quicker -- he's like the Pied Piper in a group of them.

5. I have a heart-shaped box. In medical terms this is called a bicornuate uterus. Too much information? Thought so. Means I have a higher risk of miscarriages and premmies. Bummer.

Five weird pictures by Duckie:

hairy tile
Practicing Leunig squiggles with pubic hair

My recently dead grandfather's ear

My still alive grandfather's ear

birdie puddle
Birdie puddle

Mad cat (Pooter)