Friday, January 20, 2006

Taking five

I know I whinged about memes last year, but they turn out to be a really fun way to take time out from tweaking the layout of the scholarly edition of Rolf Boldrewood's Rubbery Underarms, a story I adore, no matter how many times I dip into it. However, sometimes you need to change concentration tack, just for a break.

Here's one I picked up around the tracks, and whilst similar to the 'Four' meme I did the other day, there's some fun variants.

Ten years ago:
Starting second year of art school. Playing with papermaking and etching, while plotting how to spend more time with the letterpress equipment. Unhappily married. About to break away from marriage and start living my own way, but unfortunately* fall pregnant to my rebound fling. Shaft him whilst pregnant and begin to live life my own way, with a small stowaway. Much happier.

Five years ago:
Living as a single mum and still trying to get through art school. No sex for five years. Not missing it. Son just had second bout of open-heart surgery and all looks good. Working on letter press dual-translation artist book of Anna Akhmatova poetry. Working as freelance graphic designer. Very happy.

One year ago:
Finished art school but still working there. Paid as technical assistant to do letterpress printing but asked to do much more that others would be highly paid for. Working on lots of interesting work but none of it mine. Still doing freelance work. Newly married to Best Beloved, recent miscarriage, but very happy.

Five yummy things [that weren't listed in the last meme I did!]:
- Seville orange marmalade bread & butter pudding
- Beetroot Risotto
- Lamb roast
- White shiraz
- Lemon meringue pie

Five songs I know by heart:
- Giant Squid (Baterz)
- Dog Food (Iggy Pop)
- Kooks (David Bowie)
- This Masquerade (the Carpenters)
- A hell of a lot of jazz standards

Five things I would do with a lot of money:
- Set up my own fine press
- Wear something that doesn't come from Target or Vinnies
- Live in Tasmania in a house with enough wall space for both books and art
- buy my friends nice bottles of wine
- go travelling

Five things I would never wear:
- high heels
- yellow
- skirts above the knee
- leopard-skin leggings
- a Liberal party slogan

Five Favourite TV shows:
hmmm… I had trouble with this last time.
- Teachers
- Speaking in Tongues
- Little Britain
- South Park
- The News

Five things I enjoy doing [besides reading]:
- teasing the cats
- walking around looking up
- riding my bike on a mild day
- thinking about what books I want to make
- reading and writing blogs

Five people I want to inflict this on:
The next five people who want to.

*Only unfortunate in choice of rebound fling, not in results of pregnancy.

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