Wednesday, January 25, 2006

M. i. c. k. e. y..... M. o. u. s. e!

My cats just can't stop catching mice at the moment. They've caught two today! I found a gorgeous little mouse skull in the front garden this evening, which means they killed while we were on holiday.

They have a system. Mr Pooter is the Mouse Catcher. Mr Padge is the Mouse Keeper. Pooter can catch them very easily, but when he plays with them, he loses them. Mr Padge finds them again and keeps hold of them no matter what -- then eats them.

The first mouse today was caught and then accidentally let loose in the house. I couldn't work out what was making Pooter so frantic. He was rushing around the house, miaowing and squeaking. Then BB got home from work and nearly trod on the mouse in our room. He carried it outside and let it go, but Padge tracked it down. Then Pooter stole it back. Then I got the camera out.

Pooter + the mouse
making the most of the paint equipment left around the yard, Pooter discovers the fun in letting the mouse runs through and around the ladder...

losing the mouse
...but then loses it by taking it into the bushes nearby. You could almost hear Padge's exasperated sigh...

chasing the mouse
Padge then sppots the mouse and decides that he has spent enough time letting his brother faff around. His turn!

finding the mouse
Much better, thinks Padge. My mousie. Nice mousie, wee mousie. Time to move away from the equipment and into a bit of clear space...

hello mouse!
Nice mousie, wee mousie, timorous little beastie...

passing the mouse
You make a nice football, wee mousie...

This is the point at which, each growling happily, the two cats started batting the mouse between them. And so this is the point at which I left them to it, feeling sorry for the mouse, but glad it wasn't scuttling around my wardrobe anymore. They ate that one, and caught another (which they also brought inside, only to be ignobly dumped outside again) and as I type they are still outside playing with it.

So welcome to Mishca, newest member of the North Canberra Mouseketeers! You have a lot of catching up to do!

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