Friday, May 20, 2005

Zap! Pow! Biff! Bonk!

Have had no time to post, but may get a chance this weekend as I'm rapidly catching up on all the work I had to delay. Am about to take Bumblebee to his school disco. Last time he went as Lord Voldemort (sorry, tried to add a photo just then but got told my photo server was having a massage. Geez, I wish I was as well) and this time he's going as Batman. Not an original concept, I'm sure there will be at least three others, but in Perth I bought B a pair of motion-sensor controlled Batman gloves that make fight-like sound effects when you swing your fists around, and he's desperate to show them off despite the fact that I've assured him that no-one will be able to hear the sounds over the thumping cacaphony of The Chicken Dance. I myself will retreat to the pub for an hour. Bugger me if I'm standing at the door watching for strangers or breaking up fights on the dance floor. I did enough of that in my 20s.

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