Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tripping the light fantastic

Bumblebee really enjoyed his disco. I really enjoyed encountering a fun new bar in Narrabundah (well, new to me), but I didn't escape The Chicken Dance which played the moment I stepped in the door to pick him up. Such sadists, whoever created that little nightmare of a number. Anyway, to stay in the groove, we picked up some Turkish pizzas and headed home to watch Strictly Dancing, one of B's favorite shows. We pick a couple and stick by them, no matter how many times they fall over or lose the beat. This week's episode had a most entertaining selection:

1. The couple who had lots of experience individually but had only been dancing together for a few weeks. She was already sick of him, he was extremely arrogant. I picked very early on that they had no connection; they might as well have been in different rooms! I guffawed when he said to the camera (in some sort of germanic accent), "I have something about me that gets me further than all the others." Hah! Not this time, possum. His face got blacker with every failed round. I hope someone whisked his dancing partner away before he took it out on her.

2. The couple who wanted to prove to their friends that they could dance. And boy, they tried hard, but no banana. I mean, someone always has to come last, I mean, third, but they came LAST. I would have given them extra points in the X factor just for being nicer than the youth in couple 1.

3. The young couple who just loved dancing. They were good looking (which helps, of course), but most of all, they moved well together as a pair. They genuinely liked each other and were there for the fun, and that always wins my vote. She was very together, keeping her cool and rhythym even when he fell over in front of her. The clincher for me was when he dropped her, and later grinned at the camera to say "I didn't drop her, I just didn't catch her." The judges agreed with me, and despite those two HUGE gaffs, they won, to Bumblebee's delight.

Bumblebee's dad, the Albatross, doesn't let him watch Strictly Dancing. I haven't bothered to check the tv program to see what the alternative is, but no doubt it's something manly. He reminds me of that King in The Holy Grail who has a son who... just... wants... to... sing... [music swells]. I haven't told him that B is having singing lessons this year. No doubt B hasn't told him either!


Mindy said...

Wasn't he just a smarmy showoff! He could dance all right, but he really needed to be nicer to his partner. I was going for the young couple as well.

Good on the other couple for having a go. I'm sure it's not as easy as it looks, but I'm not sure that they convinced their friends they can dance either.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, you could see on their faces at the end that they knew they were up for a lot of curry at the pub...