Sunday, May 22, 2005

Oh, to be a cat!

Note the extremely classy and expensive cat bed, unlike Laura's Japanese-kimono-silk luxury floor cushions. Mind you, what these two are lying on inside the box is a pink genuine 1960s vintage knitted poncho. My mum would kill me if she knew. But pink just isn't my colour.


Mindy said...

They are just gorgeous. Will have to post some photos of my three. Will have to find Zoe's instructions on how to do cool things on blogs. Could be some time.

Lucy Tartan said...

what is it with cats and their cardboard boxes?

Before Baz got with the cushions he would nod off in a cardboard box, he's had the same one since he was a baby cat.

Fashion: clothes look better with cat hair on than without cat hair on, pink ponchos in particular.

Adele said...

Love the photo of your catties. Mine all just loooove their boxes. Lenny (daughter's chocky Burmese) is working on a serious deconstruction installation with his three boxes. He also loves watching the washing machine going round.

Ampersand Duck said...

Yes, these pussies are a definite improvement on my last cat, in terms of cat hair. At least these two shed dark hair, which is very hard to see on my dark and coloured clothes. My last cat looked dark, but lo! Each hair was half black, half white. Whenever she had to have a bath (probably thrice in her long life) she became a white cat with dark spikes. You couldn't wear anything without clearly looking like a cat owner. Obviously something to be proud of, but some days you want to be the sleek one for a change.