Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Wicked Witch of the West?

Sitting at a decrepit internet booth in Perth airport wasting time before my flight back to Canberra. Either my Grandad, cremated on Friday the 13th, is unleashing havok on Perth, or I am actually Kali, the Goddess of Destruction, and all the bad events hitting Perth will cease as I fly out (a-la the Rain God in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency). I can't believe the amount of bad luck Perth has had since I flew in on Thursday. Burst water mains, tornadoes -- and not just Perth. I visited Bunbury yesterday, popping in on the Bunbury Regional Gallery, and only a few hours later the ABC tower next door collapsed thanks to the freak storms! I swear, I'm carrying some powerful energy right now. The tail winds should cut some time off the journey home, and I'm just hoping I can bring back some rain.

Time almost over. I'll tell a better tale when I'm back in the Bosom of Sanity.


Lucy Tartan said...

jeez, and you're getting on a plane?

Anonymous said...

on a different note altogether. Can you think of a way to put up posters(ie sheets of paper) that keeps them up but lets you easilly remove them. Ive been asked to do some stuff for a play and they've allowed themselves one day for bump(ney makegood).needless to say my energies tend more towards permanence eh.byrd

Ampersand Duck said...

hey byrd
Off the top of my head (and probably too obvious!) there's blutack, or rolled-up stickytape on the back corners, but they're the really impermanent options and don't hold a lot of weight.
The Velcro dot system is pretty ace, and just needs a bit of eucalyptus oil to take away the stickiness when you remove the dots from the wall. Sort of fucks up the back of the poster if you want to take the corresponding dots off the backs... but if that's not an issue, try a pack of dots, making sure you get both types in a box, the fuzzy ones and the hooky ones.
Does that help at all?

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're the old stand bys (or is that buys?). For that i kind of prefer velcro tape so you can cut it down your self. I thought of these, but the posters are all odd shapes and probably layered too. on a wall / door / alcove / wall sectioned space. If i could reduce the collage to one layer at size it could probably be stuckup with water. Make good drives me to distraction. I was thinking of a talcum + latex layer but thats all OH&S stinky goo. i may yet hot glue gun the top/bottom edges and let the crew fix it themselve. yarg

Ampersand Duck said...

Hot glue gun is always a good quick solution -- maybe you could try the medieval remedy for adhering gold-leaf into illuminated manuscripts, which is garlic juice! Press a stack of garlic and put globs on the back -- it may be sticky enough, but would anyone want to come too close to the posters?!!