Monday, May 30, 2005

Me me mememememememe... hem hem

Total volume of music files on my computer
5.73 GB (wow, I’m staggered. Must do a clean-up)

The last cd I bought
Madeleine Peyroux, “Careless Love”. Do yourself a favour, especially if you have jazz leanings.

Song playing right now
Machine Translations, “A Most Peculiar Place”. It’s in every ‘favourites' mix I make. I’ll exclude it from the five below as I've just mentioned it, and why repeat myself? Just add it as my sixth track.

Five songs that I listen to a lot…
OK. I’ll let itunes make this decision for me, from my top 25 favourites. Cause if I do it any other way I’ll go mad. I listen to lots of jazz and blues from the 30s onwards, plus movie soundtracks. Please bear in mind that my computer music collection has absolutely nothing to do with my CD collection -- it’s determined by what I can find at the local library and in friends’ collections, but I’ll treat this as a purely computer music meme.

"Big City" – Vince Jones
Anything by Vince Jones is ok by me.

"Wicked Little Town" (and the reprise) – John Cameron Mitchell, from the “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” Soundtrack
Love this soundtrack, way more than the movie.

“Kooks”, David Bowie
My manifesto for bringing up baby.

“Wildwood” by Paul Weller, mixed by Portishead
Lovely, just lovely.

“Cloudbusting”, Kate Bush
This is the most publicly palatable of my daggy music folder. Nuff said.

Passing baton to:
Laura at Sorrow at Sill's Bend and Steevie (because he should have more time to blog by now? yes? no? oh bugger it, just take ten minutes and do the meme).

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