Saturday, January 01, 2005

Woodford without the H word

Hello from sunny, happy, hot, throbbing and not to forget dusty Woodford! I have ten minutes left of my internet cafe time, after checking my bank account to make sure we haven't given every dollar we have to the various tsunami funds and can afford petrol for the drive home, plus checked my webmail which is completely constipated with letterpress webgroup daily digests...

Before I forget: HAPPY NEW YEAR. I have high hopes for this year. I think everyone else here is just hoping they are high. It is the biggest Woodford ever, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Last year it was a record attendance for New Year's Eve, and this year, every day has the same numbers, except last night, which had double again. No venue was big enough, no toilet unoccupied, and the queues abounded. And why the hell aren't there twice as many women's toilets as mens? Huge queues for girls, when obviously the men can pop behind the tents and water a tree. Makes me want to emulate Bronwyn Bishop and learn to piss upright (but that's the only thing she does that is worthy of emulation!)

Woops, three minutes left according to the Cafe Frau, and I haven't even mentioned the wealth of talent I've seen. Actually, I'e taken lots of photies, so I will blog a stack of reviews on my return on the 8th. Highlights: Vince Jones, The Kransky Sisters, The Tiny Top, and Martin Pearson and John Thompson's breakfast show. I'm in heaven.

My health is improving. I haven't stopped bleeding yet, but the cramping has gone and the flow slowed until I'm feeling like there's an end in sight. I've done no dancing but a lot of laughing.

have to go.
PS The H word is Hippy.

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Meg said...

Glad to hear that Woodford was fab (apart from the loo situation) and that you are on the mend, or at least on the way there.

Happy new year!