Monday, January 10, 2005

The Woodford Files: 1

yes, we are there now., originally uploaded by Ampersand Duck.

We woke at dawn's crack on Boxing day to get a decent camping spot at Woodford (only a 40 minute drive from my girlfriend's house in Redcliffe) and still had to camp a full 5 minute's walk from the gates. I heard today of someone who had to park their caravan over a km from the festival site. It was an enormous festival this year.

Note the car in the background (SubyRuby), which is the only photo I've managed to take of it since it was painted by a Canberra graffiti artist (Byrd). We gave him the cans of paint, he got to have a play on a clean 'canvas' and also got to keep the rest of the paint. Now everywhere we go people wave at us. All good, everyone happy.

Anyway, this is the point of arrival when Bumblebee was whinging, Best Beloved was being grumpily industrious setting up the tent, and I was still recovering from hospital, so I spent my time trying to amuse them both, but it was hard as the scene was so much like the camping days of my childhood! I eventually SMSed my dad, and described the scene, to which he replied 'Bliss'. I think he was happy that it was my turn to go through it...

We had a terrific spot under a tree which managed to shade all the important bits of the tent at the right times of the day. We are all very grateful to that tree, and tried to demonstrate some gratitude by sponsoring some more trees for future campers. BB said this site used to be just open paddock, so the trees are really making a difference.

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