Monday, January 24, 2005

Adding mental exhaustion to the mix

I just spent a hell of a lot of time reading in order to vote fairly in the Australian Blog Awards. Phew! There's a lot of talent out there. And that's only the blogs with followings who know about the award. Only a couple more days to vote, as it's being announced on Australia Day.

I was one of the patsies who couldn't work out how to register to vote until the penny dropped when I read the comments -- ahh! you copy over the email address and remove the word REMOVE. Duh. Never mind. I blame the lack of blood getting to my brain. Literally. I'm still bleeding, and almost ended up in hospital again yesterday, second time in a week. A bouquet (I will find a picture soon) to crazybrave for being on childminding standby.

Unfortunately the Chinese herbs haven't done a thing. I was sorely tempted to pop the emergency pill yesterday. So I'm looking a bit pale and feeling a bit wan; I spend a lot of time lying down. It seems to be working, as the torrent yesterday has slowed today. Best Beloved keeps feeding me things with high iron content, and I'm drinking lots of fluids -- anything to keep myself out of hospital! My poor left hand throbs just thinking about another cannula. I'm seeing a specialist tomorrow, and my fear is that they'll have to operate again. Still, I'm catching up on my rest and my reading, and Bumblebee and I are ripping through the first Deltora series.

And, of course, every few hours I get to sit up at the computer and read blogs! So much more fun than any of the crap on tv lately. So good luck to all involved in the ballot... I'm looking forward to the results.

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